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Integrate telco capabilities to enrich your services and create new ones. Gain exclusive access to the Telefónica Open Gateway Early Adopter Program.

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Enhance your user´s experiences

What is it?

Our program for developers of digital services for access to a new generation of telco services through open and interoperable APIs in a real environment, with an impact on millions of Telefónica users in several countries.

Telefónica Open Gateway Early Adopter Program


Evaluation and selection

Sign up and be one of those selected to develop your use case.



Access our repository of telco APIs free of charge.



Integrate your real use cases into our network services.



Empower the experiences of millions of end users.

What will you achieve?

Take part in the program and develop new use cases based on new telco services (5G connectivity, advanced communications services, web3, etc.) through the digital environments of AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Vonage.

Free access to the pre-commercial APIs of Telefónica Open Gateway.

Test and validate selected use cases to generate end-to-end services for end customers (B2B or B2C).

Experiment with high-performance network capabilities, including high-response and low-latency computing, to create valuable end user-geared applications:

  • Connectivity: enable control of the quality of the service on mobile and Wi-Fi networks (throughput, latency, congestion).
  • Fraud control: enable the obtaining of information on devices such as the roaming status, approximate location, changes of SIM card and phone number verification.
  • Payments: enable the ability to make payments charged to the carrier’s invoice.

Complete kit for developers with all the tools: SDK, code samples, documentation and user guides.

Support in the resolution of queries and incidents during the entire process.

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