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Safer transport with Telefónica Open Gateway: case study

Explore the case study, in which you will discover how the integration of our Know Your Customer - Match API has allowed them to optimise their registrations, to make them more secure and agile.

In the transport sector, ensuring quality service requires prioritising security, agility and efficiency. Today we face the constant challenge of online identity fraud, a threat that we must address effectively. In this context, the Know Your Customer-Match API emerges as an outstanding solution, offering a way to mitigate this risk and strengthen integrity.  

That is why, the largest road haulage company in Latin America, has implemented Telefónica Open Gateway's Know Your Customer-Match (KYC) API in its system. With a network of 900,000 carriers, the Brazilian company recognises the importance of ensuring that each product arrives optimally at its destination. The implementation of this API strengthens the commitment of the service offered and the efficiency of its management.  



How does Telefónica Open Gateway's Know Your Customer API work and what advantages does it offer?

Through the Know Your Customer-Match API, validates the identity of drivers in the authentication process, verifying the Brazilian ID card (CPF) and mobile phone number. This validation ensures the security of transport routes and the traceability of goods, because it checks the information provided by the driver against the mobile operator's data.

This tool not only reduces the risks associated with carrier identity, but also streamlines the integration process by providing uniform access. In other words, developers integrate the Know Your Customer-Match API into their applications without the need for custom implementations, simplifying processes and reducing time to market.  

Explore the Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub and Partner Programme Opportunities

Telefónica Open Gateway has extended the doors of its solutions to developers and companies through two channels: the Developer Hub and the Partner Programme. 

On the one hand, the Developer Hub offers developers a space to explore the possibilities of Open Gateway APIs. Here, devs can experiment and validate their own use cases, supported by exclusive technical material and resources to develop their solutions. Join us by filling in the registration form! 

On the other hand, through the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program, a window of close collaboration opens with companies seeking to improve their solutions or applications, as has done.  This programme makes it possible to create and offer new services designed for a wide range of sectors and applications. By leveraging Telefónica Open Gateway APIs, you can boost business and enrich the customer experience. In addition to exclusive technical content and resources, you will have access to commercial materials and dedicated support every step of the way!  

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