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Spanish carriers Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone pre-launch two GSMA Open Gateway anti-fraud APIs.
Financial services & insurance API SIM Swap API Number Verification

Open Gateway affirms its landing in Spain in collaboration with the main Spanish mobile carriers, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone, to announce the commercial launch of the digital security oriented APIs Number Verification and SIM Swap.

Test the potential of Open Gateway APIs in your applications.
Financial services & insurance E-commerce & retail Transport & logistics API QoD Mobile API Carrier Billing

Take a tour of the possibilities of the new Sandbox, a secure test environment for testing our APIs and validating use cases.

Open Gateway at MWC Barcelona 2024, a new way to experience sport.
Media, entertainment & XR API QoD Mobile API Carrier Billing API Device Location API QoD WiFi

At Mobile World Congress, we showcased the capabilities of our network APIs in delivering more innovative sports experiences.


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T3chFest 2024.
Developers Business In Person EMEA

We are part of this event that connects the students of Universidad Carlos III and the workplace, with an extensive programme of talks on technological innovation. 

Open Gateway DevCon 2024.
Developers In Person EMEA

As part of MWC24, we are participating in this developer-focused session to showcase the potential of network APIs and how they can revolutionise the development of digital experiences.

MWC Barcelona 2024.
Developers Business In Person Online EMEA

Telefónica Open Gateway is participating in the world's largest technology event to present the latest advances of the initiative.

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Discovering Open Gateway: Learning and the future.
E-commerce & retail ITC Services Media, entertainment & XR API QoD Mobile API Carrier Billing

David del Val, Telefónica Open Gateway Director, talks about the first steps of the project, the great progress that has been made and the potential it will have in the coming years.  

Discovering Open Gateway: Delivey, how to make it all work.
E-commerce & retail ITC Services Media, entertainment & XR API QoD Mobile API Carrier Billing

Mariví Briz, Delivery Director at Telefónica Open Gateway, explains her team's role in the project and the importance of completing the API development cycle end-to-end.

Discovering Open Gateway: Design Service to make the project more human.
ITC Services Social & customer engagement Media, entertainment & XR API QoD Mobile API Carrier Billing

Endika Valle, Design Service Manager of Telefónica Open Gateway, explains how the project's services are created, with a focus on the real needs of developers.  

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