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API Carrier Billing

The standardised Carrier Billing API allows you to easily integrate mobile carrier payment into any application.

Carrier Billing eliminates the need for users to manually enter their credit card or other payment information. With a simple click, they can complete the transaction quickly by charging the cost to their mobile carriers bill. This allows for a smoother checkout experience, reducing barriers at the point of sale and improving conversion rates.

What can it be used for?

By integrating this API, you have access to various telco capabilities, such as payment processing, billing functionalities and user authentication through easy-to-use interfaces. This allows you to accelerate your developments and improve the scalability of your applications by serving diverse markets.

In addition, Carrier Billings Unified API Access feature gives you access to the network capabilities of different carriers through a single, standardised interface.


Thanks to payment via the carrier, users can make their purchases quickly and easily. Unlike traditional payment methods, which require users to enter their credit card or create new accounts, Carrier Billing requires only a simple confirmation to authorise payment.


With Carrier Billing, previously untapped markets and demographics can be accessed, such as people without a bank account, consumers without a credit card or users who simply prefer the convenience of charging payments to their mobile bill.


By eliminating the need for users to share their credit card details or other sensitive payment information during transactions, the risk of data breaches or unauthorised access to their personal information is significantly reduced, giving users greater peace of mind and confidence when making a purchase.


As it is a standardised API, you can integrate the payment method into your applications without the need to customise implementations for each carrier. This simplifies the development process and reduces time to market.


The standardised Carrier Billing API provides a consistent and reliable payment experience for users, whatever the carrier. This uniformity builds trust and familiarity with the payment method across different services and applications.

Use cases

Media, entertainment & XR

Uninterrumped gaming experiences

The gaming industry has experienced significant growth, especially in the mobile gaming segment, where accessibility and security play a key role when making purchases, subscribing to games or topping up virtual currency. The Carrier Billing API streamlines the payment process, so players can make purchases without the need for credit cards or additional authentication, allowing them to enjoy a distraction-free gaming experience, while ensuring transactions are more secure and higher conversion rates.

APIs used

Uninterrumped gaming experiences integrating Carrier Billing API.
Transportation & logistics

Smart transport services

As cities adopt smart solutions, the mobility sector plays a crucial role in providing more efficient transport services. Carrier Billing offers an alternative payment method for various mobility services, such as ridesharing, public transport, bicycles and parking, where users can easily pay via their phone bill, thus eliminating the need for separate payment cards or cash. The Carrier Billing API enables seamless integration with mobility service providers, ensuring a convenient and secure payment experience for users.

Carrier Billing, used in conjunction with the Location Verification API, also allows you to verify whether a rented vehicle is being used by the person who made the booking, checking the location of both in real time.

APIs used

Smart transport services integrating Carrier Billing API.
Media, entertainment & XR

Smoother immersive experiences

In Virtual Reality and Extended Reality environments, traditional payment methods present significant challenges due to the immersive nature of the experience. Devices such as virtual reality goggles make it hard for users to access their credit card information, disrupting the smooth and immersive experience they seek. The integration of payments through Carrier Billing offers users a simple and convenient alternative, allowing them to complete the transaction with their phone number without leaving the experience.

APIs used

Smoother immersive experiences integrating Carrier Billing API.
Transportation & logistics

More efficient toll systems

Tolls based on traditional payment systems, such as credit cards or cash, can cause delays and congestion due to manual handling of transactions. The Carrier Billing API offers users a simplified payment system, allowing them to associate their phone number to complete the transaction by confirming the payment via their mobile phone. This reduces toll booth waiting times and congestion.

Used in conjunction with the Location Verification API, the location of the device where the transaction is being made can be verified, offering users a more secure experience.

APIs used

More efficient toll systems integrating Carrier Billing API.

Case studies

Media, entertainment & XR

Safer and simpler Pay-for-TV

The Kanto Living App is one of the digital experiences available in the "Apps" section of Movistar Plus+.

Kanto offers a catalogue of songs from different genres to transform users living rooms into a multi-user, multi-device karaoke experience. Now, thanks to the integration of the Carrier Billing API, customers have the option to pay an annual premium subscription securely and easily through their TV remote control with a single click, charging the payment directly to their Movistar bill.

Carrier Billing improves the accessibility and security of the user experience, maximising conversion rates and allowing service providers such as Kanto to communicate with the network in real time.

Media, entertainment & XR

Enhanced immersive entertainment

Yerba Buena Virtual Reality (YBVR) is a company that markets streaming immersive video experiences for virtual reality glasses. YBVR Arena enables its users to enjoy immersive sporting events in the stadium via their mobile phones. It thus caters for the new consumer habits in the entertainment and sports sector, which is seeing an increasing demand for immersive and participatory formats. By integrating the Carrier Billing, Device Location and QoD Mobile APIs, it raises the experiences to the next level, increasing flexibility, simplifying payments and optimising the quality of the images. By combining these APIs and integrating AWS Wavelength technology, it can deliver content with fewer interruptions and better resolution to deliver next-generation digital services.

Related APIs

Under CAMARA project
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QoD Mobile API

It exposes the control of users mobile connectivity. This enables the development of new functionalities and services that require more precise control of connectivity.

E-commerce & retail Industrial & manufacturing Data-driven marketing Media, entertainment & XR Social & customer engagement Financial services & insurance ITC Services Transport & logistics Travel & hospitality Connectivity
Under CAMARA project
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Device Location API

It verifies the geographical location of a given SIM-based device and validating whether it’s within a requested geographical area without spoofing or GPS theft. This allows to enable services or allow transactions in a safer way.

Data-driven marketing Financial services & insurance ITC Services Transport & logistics Location

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Spain Germany
Under CAMARA project

Carrier Billing API

Start integrating the Carrier Billing API into your applications and access real-time network capabilities.

How to start

Follow these steps to access the Carrier Billing API:


Select a suitable Channel Partner or aggregator that offers integration with the Open Gateway API to meet your needs. Contact an expert for more information on Channel Partner availability or to become a new Open Gateway partner.


In order to use Open Gateway products, you must register on the Partner platform.


Once registered and with your credentials, you will be able to access the Carrier Billing API on registered carriers by making API calls through your chosen Channel Partners gateway.


Carrier Billing requires the consent of the end user to access the payment authorisation on their behalf, so you will need to register with Telefónica through the Partners platform.

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Spain Germany
Under CAMARA project

API Carrier Billing

Start integrating the Carrier Billing API into your apps and access network capabilities in real time.

As a developer, you will be able to consume this API either by using the HTTP protocol to perform requests to its standard Camara version on the API exposure platform of your provider of choice (availability will be indicated soon) or by integrating in your app the SDKs provided by those, which will make it simpler for you to authenticate, perform operations and handle results in the same programming language you are using.

If you want to preview and test how it will be like to use them, check the following developer resources:

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Spain Germany
Under CAMARA project

API Carrier Billing

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Under CAMARA project

API Carrier Billing

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The Carrier Billing API is a standardised API under CAMARA that allows developers to integrate carrier billing as a payment method into their applications.

CAMARA, the open-source project led by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with the GSMA, aims to universalise network APIs under the same standards for all telecommunications companies.

The Unified API Access feature provides a single, standardised interface to access the telecommunications capabilities of different network carriers, simplifying integration for developers.

Paying through a carrier allows users to make purchases with a minimum amount of data, eliminating the need to enter credit card information or additional authentication.

The standardised API provides uniform access to the payment functionality across different telcos, ensuring a consistent and reliable payment experience regardless of the carrier involved.

The GSMA plays a key role in setting standards and guidelines for carrier billing, ensuring consistency and interoperability across the industry.

By paying through the carrier, users don’t have to share sensitive payment information, thus reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access to personal financial data, such as credit card information.

By offering payment through the carriers, companies can access previously untapped markets and demographics, such as the unbanked and underbanked, young consumers without credit cards and users who prefer mobile billing.

A wide range of services, including digital content subscriptions, in-app purchases, online services and in-game purchases. This integration is particularly relevant in Europe, where all these services fall within the scope of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). PSD2 aims to improve consumer protection, encourage innovation and promote safe and efficient payment methods, making payment through carriers a favourable option for businesses operating in the European market.

Carrier Billing provides a simple and secure payment method for in-app purchases, virtual currency top-ups and game subscriptions, increasing conversion rates and enhancing the user experience.

In most cases, users can automatically access payment through their carrier, as it is usually offered by their mobile network operator. In cases where the user has not activated the carriers billing service, the user merely has to accept the terms and conditions of service on the mobile line.

Carrier Billing is PSD2 compliant, including the Strong Customer Authentication requirement for enhanced security. This assures users there is secure and compliant payment processing as the necessary authentication measures are implemented and the transaction limits set by the directive (EUR 300/month and EUR 50/transaction) are complied with. This provides a secure and reliable payment method, which complies with the legal requirements for payment services in the European Union.

Spain Germany
Under CAMARA project

API Carrier Billing

Access technical information, featured articles, training courses, webinars and documentation that will enable you to integrate the Carrier Billing API into any application to streamline payment processes and provide your customers with a frictionless shopping experience.

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