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Open Gateway has Telco APIs that enable the development of new functionalities for industrial and manufacturing services that require more precise control of connectivity, in terms of availability, security and performance.

The industrial and manufacturing sector is moving in leaps and bounds towards mechanisation and digital transformation of the companies operating in this field. So says a study by Statista, estimating that by 2025, the global industrial automation market will reach 265 trillion US dollars.  
However, despite the progress they bring to the industry, these processes can pose some challenges for companies, such as tracking the supply chain or ensuring control of a drone fleet. Hence, it is essential to adapt to new circumstances and to have tools that enable processes to be optimised in an agile manner, as well as improving productivity and accelerating innovation.   
At Telefónica Open Gateway, we have Standardised and easily programmable Telco APIs that facilitate more precise control of connectivity, to increase security, performance and automation of operations. In this article, we will take a look at the different tools and their benefits.  

The digitalisation of Industry 4.0

Industry and manufacturing have followed a trend of growth over the last few years. This is due to the transformation of the sector, which is becoming increasingly automated and digitised. Therefore, in what is known as Industry 4.0, real-time connectivity and traceability of the production process are key factors.   
Thanks to the QoD Mobile API of Telefónica open Gateway, we facilitate a more precise control of the quality of connectivity. In this way, it is possible to develop new services requiring advanced network capabilities and to offer services with improved performance and a stable connection.  
The smooth and precise control of drones thanks to more advanced network capabilities, the collection and analysis of real-time data from digital twins, and the automation of basic tasks of surveillance systems with robots and  AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles), are just some examples of the opportunities offered by the possibility of interacting with the network in real time thanks to this Telefónica Open Gateway API.  

The digitalisation of Industry 4.0.

New model design and construction

The new way of working with designs and building models in augmented reality (AR), through devices that connect to the mobile network, allows access to crucial data analysis through the visualisation of architectural designs superimposed on real environments.   
Thanks to the QoD Mobile API, the quality of connections can be improved, thus avoiding possible network saturation when you want to detect potential problems before construction, reducing both errors and the cost they would cause. It greatly improves collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors working on the same project designs at the same time and increases safety by giving the ability to transmit more precise instructions on hazard alerts. In this way, decision-making is improved, becoming even more efficient and secure.  
Telefónica Open Gateway and its API offer you a high-performance capability, improving the user experience and guaranteeing the correct functioning of the applications.  

New model design and construction.

Alisys and the case for robot automation

This QoD Mobile API that we have been talking about has already been tested in companies such as Alisys Robotics, one specialising in cloud solutions, artificial intelligence and blockchain, which boosts the capabilities of robots through software and technological solutions in the cloud. 
By integrating Telefónica Open Gateway's QoD Mobile API, it has managed to improve the security and stability of the connection between its quadruped robots and the 5G network, giving them the confidence to delegate basic monitoring and more functional tasks without worry.   
Telefónica Open Gateway offers companies and institutions this and many other APIs to make a qualitative leap in the use of networks. You can discover our entire repository and the various use cases on our website.  



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