Open Gateway

Test the potential of Open Gateway APIs in your applications

Take a tour of the possibilities of the new Sandbox, a secure test environment for testing our APIs and validating use cases.

Open Gateway is a multi-telco initiative that seeks to make the industry's capabilities available to developers. The main operators open our networks and expose them in a standardised way through global APIs, so that experience creators can integrate advanced functionalities in a single development that is compatible with the main companies in the sector. 
This is precisely what sets the basis for the project. We believe that developers are an essential part of ushering in a new generation of digital services, which is why we want to make it quick and easy for you. Pedro Campillo, Strategy and Partner Program Manager at Telefónica Open Gateway, explained:  
"For Open Gateway, the developer is the key. We believe that the developer is the soul of digital products and services. We want to make it comfortable, easy for them and, above all, we want them to be in a friendly environment."  
So that you can test first-hand the potential of our capabilities, we have enabled the Sandbox: a secure space where you can test our telco APIs and see how they work in your applications. In this way, you can explore how they enhance your digital products or services and see the applicability of your use cases. On the other hand, if you are a Telefónica Open Gateway Channel Partner (aggregator, hyperscaler or integrator), you can also log on to see how our standardised tools work and how easily your developers can implement them.  

Test the potential of Open Gateway APIs in your applications.

How the Telefónica Open Gateway Sandbox works

Sandbox is a free and secure test environment that we have created from Telefónica Open Gateway. As mentioned, its main objective is to allow developers to experiment with our telco APIs, see how they work through practice and analyse the possibilities for your own use cases.  
The user experience is similar to what you will find on our partners' platforms. To make it simpler and more productive, we have tried to mimic environments familiar to developers, such as cloud development on a hyperscaler. But how exactly does it work?


  • Select the API that best fits the use case. It is possible to choose more than one for the same prototype. 
  • Check the country and operator for each of the APIs. 
  • Identify your prototype with basic information such as name and description of the app.
  • Check that all the information provided is correct and click on confirm. 
  • Done! Your application has now been created and you can start programming.


Now all you have to do is follow the instructions to install the Sandbox SDK in the programming language of your choice (initially available in Python and soon in the rest of the most widespread languages) and configure the keys obtained when creating your application, and you will have access to our APIs and test them in your prototypes. This makes it possible to see whether the hypotheses put forward are valid or not, based on the response given by the API. In other words, you will be able to correct and enhance functionalities through testing, increasing the added value of your digital service.  

How to access the Telefónica Open Gateway Sandbox

To be able to enjoy this test environment, you must be registered in the Developer Hub or in the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program. These are two portals that we have set up on our website, aimed especially at developers and companies:  
The Developer Hub, in addition to access to the Sandbox, offers a wide range of tools that will be very useful in your developments. One of the highlights is the access to our Github, where you can explore complete open-source sample applications, where a final and fully functional use case is implemented by consuming our APIs. You will also be able to access exclusive technical resources about our tools, such as whitepapers or specialised webinars. Do you want to be part of this portal for developers? Find out all the details about our Developer Hub and join to start testing our APIs, develop use cases and build new services leveraging the full potential of the network.  

How to access the Telefónica Open Gateway Sandbox.

However, if you are a developer in a company and you want to try our solutions available for all sectors, you can also enter the Sandbox through our Partner Program. In addition to all the tools available in the Developer Hub, you can enjoy a wide range of commercial material, premium resources and technical and business advice from our experts. If you are interested, you can register through the registration form.  
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