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Case Study

Much more than TV

Carrier Billing is a payment method that charges purchases to the operator's invoice. Explore how Kanto has already integrated the Carrier Billing API to include this functionality in its Living App on Movistar Plus+.

Shopping on television is now possible thanks to the Living Apps on Movistar Plus+. Connect to the network to integrate Carrier Billing capabilities with payment options and purchases via any carrier. One of the companies that has already integrated this payment method is Kanto, an interactive karaoke platform that now offers a new consumption experience from its Living App on Movistar Plus+. 

Payment of your premium subscription can be made on the operator's account through the use of the Carrier Billing API. By developing this experience, Kanto offers the user a simple and secure payment method, which does not require the user to enter personal or bank details. 

Offer a new way of making purchases through television in a convenient and simple manner.

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