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Apidays Paris 2023

We took part in the latest edition of apidays Paris, to share with attendees how network standardisation is enabling the creation of the digital services of the future.
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Apidays Paris is a renowned event focused on the potential of APIs, bringing together experts from the technology industry to discuss the cutting-edge solutions being launched and the social commitment demanded by the sector. Its main objective is to bring together talent, to imagine and build the foundations for a bright, sustainable future for the planet and society. 
Between 6 and 8 December, it brought together more than 85,000 attendees, with a wide variety of profiles among its more than 4,000 speakers: CTOs, developers, software engineers, cloud infrastructure professionals, Product Managers, consultants and analysts... Thus, it has become a great opportunity to learn from the best about Business Models, Design and Documentation, Security and Identity Management, Marketing for Developers, Digital Transformation, Mobile APIs and IoT, among other highly relevant issues. 

Find out about Telefónica's participation in apidays 2023

At Telefónica we have participated in this edition, to talk about the Open Gateway initiative and the potential that the standardisation of telco capabilities has for the technology sector. You can find us at:


  • 8 December | GSMA Open Gateway Telco Panel Discussion, with the GSMA, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft and Vonage. A Global Ecosystem for Standard Telco APIs: Unlocking The Network for Developers" addressed how the entire telecoms ecosystem collaborates to enable network access for developers through common standards.
  • 8 December | Talk by David del Val, Global Director of Telefónica Open Gateway. Under the title "Unlock network potential with the <Open Gateway/> API code" he explained how to get the most out of the initiative's solutions and boost new digital services by taking advantage of the network's capabilities.


Discover the best events of our participation in this video. Don't miss it! 

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