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Telefónica wins two awards at TM Forum DTW Ignite

We received two awards for Best Demo at one of the most important events in Copenhagen. Find out more about our participation.
Business On Demand EMEA

In collaboration with other operators, aggregators and integrators, two projects (called Catalyst) were developed, implementing network capacity exposure scenarios in the Open Gateway model, which were awarded.  Both projects use as a basis the definitions and APIs standardised by the main bodies of the OpenGateway ecosystem (TM Forum, GSMA, CAMARA).  


  • Metaverse enablement through standard APIs: project through which, a unified and aligned set of APIs is provided to enable metaverse services, with special emphasis on developer and application Onboarding operations and service provisioning. Award in the category "Outstanding Catalyst - Contribution to TM Forum Assets".
  • SHINE: project in which a complete Open Gateway ecosystem is implemented, with the collaboration of a Channel Partner, aggregating different operators, managing the synchronisation of service catalogues between the different participants, and ultimately creating a unified and operator-independent framework to standardise the customer journey. Award in the category "Outstanding Catalyst - Business Growth". 


This success at the TM Forum reflects Telefónica's commitment to innovation and excellence in the GSMA Open Gateway initiative. 
If you want to see our participation in the event, here you can watch Chema Alonso's talk, don't miss it! 

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