Open Gateway

Web Summit Lisbon 2023

We took part in one of the world's leading technology conferences to tell how the openness of our networks is helping to build the digital services of the future.
Business On Demand EMEA

From Telefónica Open Gateway, under the framework of a global initiative led by the GSMA, we are changing the way we expose our Telco capabilities. This allows us to turn our networks into platforms, to give rise to a new generation of services that will benefit the entire digital ecosystem: developers, companies, aggregators and users.  
This year we had the opportunity to participate in one of the major meetings for technology companies: Web Summit Lisbon 2023. Chema Alonso, our Chief Digital Officer at Telefónica, gave a tour of the main points of the project, the benefits of integrating our standardised Telco APIs, case studies we have worked on and how applications can be enhanced by taking advantage of the capabilities of the telecommunications industry. 

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