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Improving the Transport and Logistics Industry with Open Gateway

Telefónica Open Gateway APIs offer solutions to the Transport and Logistics sector, taking advantage of the capabilities of the network to make their processes more efficient.

The Transport and Logistics industry has faced many changes in recent years. From technological developments to unexpected crises, companies in this sector adapt to a constantly changing environment. So, in an environment where both cost and time are crucial factors for success, identifying problems and having the tools to solve them efficiently is critical.   
In this context, Telefónica Open Gateway offers different solutions to the multiple problems that may arise in these companies, through its standardised Telco APIs. In this article, we will see the different use cases of its tools and the possibilities they offer to boost the industry. 

Communication and fleet management

In a logistics company, it is essential for communication between the vehicle fleet, supply chain partners and central control to be fast and reliable. In this way, we avoid delays and provide the best possible service. The use of Telefónica Open Gateway APIs allows an organisation to improve fleet efficiency, optimise production and ensure on-time deliveries.  
By integrating the QoD Mobile API into their workflow, transport companies can develop new services with advanced network capabilities, in terms of availability, security or performance. The API provides lower latency, more consistent connectivity and therefore the ability to interact with the network in real time. This is significant when the trucks operate in remote locations where the signal via antenna is not the best, as it offers an improvement and avoids disconnection with the control centre. QoD Mobile provides the possibility to incorporate a new form of more reliable and faster messaging between all those involved in the supply chain, allowing communication to be more effective and the fleet to stay connected through this API.   
The Device Location Verification API is also very useful in these situations. It allows to verify the geographic location of a SIM-based device and to confirm that the user is actually where he/she claims to be. With the API, the routes of vehicles can be optimised, tracked and managed in a more effective and agile way. This translates into increased efficiency in fleet management. A particular example of the benefit of these APIs is when trucks cross tunnels on their route. Travelling through an environment that is enclosed, the connection between the vehicle and the control centre is often affected, but thanks to the Device Location Verification and QoD Mobile APIs, the control centre will be able to know its location and maintain communication.  

Communication and fleet management.

Drone fleet control

As technology has advanced, new ways to improve performance and meet the demands of the transport and logistics sector have emerged. As a result of the many advantages they offer, more and more companies are using devices such as drones. They are especially popular in last mile deliveries, particularly in urban areas where traffic congestion and time constraints make traditional delivery methods less efficient. Additionally, they can quickly respond to emergency situations, such as natural disasters or medical emergencies, by delivering essential supplies or conducting reconnaissance.  
Although an innovative resource that contributes positively to many organisations, the use of drones requires reliable control to ensure their real-time location with maximum security, as well as a reliance on a sustained level of connectivity along their route. GPS data can be vulnerable to jamming, command over long distances can fail and may even be lost. These issues can be addressed with the use of Telefónica Open Gateway APIs.   
By integrating the Device Location Verification API, advanced network capabilities can be incorporated to verify a drone's position and, if it deviates, to quickly correct its path. On the other hand, the QoD Mobile API helps in route planning in congested cellular network areas more economically and securely than a traditional GPS system. This enables the development of new applications that offer maximum safety and reliability in the control of drone fleets. 

Drone fleet control.

More efficient toll systems

On-road toll booths can be a problem for logistics operations, as they can congest traffic and change time estimates on established routes. There are long lines of trucks, which prevents the traffic flow, mainly due to the payment process that takes place at this location. This poses challenges for drivers, as traditional cash or credit card based systems, where transactions are handled manually, are slow.  
The Carrier Billing API offers a unique solution to this problem by eliminating the need for users to manually enter their credit card or other payment information. By integrating this API, several telco capabilities can be used in toll booths, such as payment processing, billing functionalities or user authentication through easy-to-use interfaces. Together with the Device Location Verification API, drivers can easily complete toll transactions with their phones, eliminating the need for cash or credit cards. At the same time, the toll management company can verify the transaction using the location of the user and the toll. This reduces waiting times, enables a smooth payment experience and improves the efficiency and safety of road toll systems.  

More efficient toll systems.

With the APIs mentioned above and more, Telefónica Open Gateway is at the service of companies and institutions to help them leverage network capabilities and jointly build the network of the future. One of the ways to be part of this initiative is to join the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program. The programme benefits include full access to our API portfolio, technical and commercial advice during the implementation process, the possibility to work together with other partners, documentation and priority access to new APIs and use cases developed in the Developer Hub. To start being part of it, sign up here.   
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