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Open Gateway at MWC Barcelona 2024, a new way to experience sport

At Mobile World Congress, we showcased the capabilities of our network APIs in delivering more innovative sports experiences.

For yet another year, we have returned to Mobile World Congress: the world’s largest technology and connectivity event to tell the industry about our latest solutions. Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Officer of Telefónica and CEO of Telefónica Innovación Digital, presented the Telefónica Open Gateway demo, which is a new way to experience sport in an immersive way, both inside the stadium and at home. 

Open Gateway at MWC Barcelona 2024, a new way to experience sport.

The demo offers an innovative way to immerse yourself in the Copa del Rey acb basketball tournament. On the one hand, the in-stadium experience uses a multi-camera format with YBVR Arena technology to deliver premium experiences on your mobile. On the other hand, users can access and experience basketball at home through the Meta Quest Virtual Reality (VR) glasses in a totally innovative way Movistar Immersive Experience and experience basketball in a totally innovative way. 

Which APIs have made this experience possible?

Thanks to Open Gateway’s network APIs, including Device Location, Carrier Billing, QoD Mobile and QoD Wi-Fi, we have been able to create this experience efficiently. Below, we break down the role each API plays in making this experience unique:


  • Device Location API: its integration allows to ensure that users accessing the service are actually in the stadium. The API allows reliable verification of a device’s location, unlike GPS spoofing. This API uses the network location, and allows to offer users inside the stadium exclusive content related to the match.
  • Carrier Billing API: the API implements a more secure payment method than the traditional one, as the user does not have to provide any sensitive data such as credit card number or address. Users only need to validate their mobile phone line. In addition, this makes the shopping experience easier by reflecting the invoice on the next operator bill. Thanks to its integration, we can offer users premium content related to the match, such as access to new insights or data about the match, for an easy and simple payment.
  • QoD Mobile API: a challenge facing the broadcasting of large events, such as concerts or sporting events, is maintaining stable connectivity in the face of so many concentrated devices. The API provides advanced functionalities for mobile connectivity, ensuring a smooth and fast experience without interruptions or delays. In addition, it optimises the quality of images to provide the best possible display. This is all thanks to the fact that the device is guaranteed to connect in highly congested environments.
  • QoD Wi-Fi API: is automatically activated and deactivated when entering and exiting the Movistar Dome space, with preference given to the VR goggles connectivity over the rest of the devices in the home. This way we avoid high latency interruptions, buffering problems or lags during the game and ensure a stable connection.


Do you want to know how it was made? Don't miss the making off!

You can also see the demo in first person from our Virtual Stand in the Innovation and Talent Hub. If you have enjoyed the experience of testing the capabilities of these APIs, join the Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub to integrate them into your own use cases. 
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