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Case Study

Automation of industrial processes with robotics

The automation of industrial processes makes it possible to improve maintenance tasks and safety processes. Explore our collaboration with Alisys Robotics and AWS, integrating the QoD Mobile API.

The presence of robots in different industries has risen by 50% in the last 3 years. This improves the quality of employees' work by automating safety and maintenance tasks. It talks to the network for better bandwidth, speed and jitter in the control of robots, drones and IoT devices. 

The QoD Mobile API makes it easier to achieve greater precision and agility in the control of robotics. One of the most outstanding examples is the case of Alisys Robotics, a pioneer in the development of cloud solutions for the management and monitoring of robot fleets. It has made its inspection and security operations safer and more efficient.

Designs robotics services and applications to make industrial processes more efficient.

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