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Case Study

Uninterrupted online gaming

Gaming has greatly progressed in the last few years, with increasingly better graphics and quality in its experiences. Don't miss the case study with Movistar Smart WiFi, integrating the QoD WiFi API for better playing performance.

The present has brought a world of possibilities for gaming enthusiasts. More and more realistic experiences and higher quality games are becoming available. This requires advanced connectivity parameters, which ensure stable quality and speed.Talk to the network to set up gaming mode for better signal stability. 

The Wi-Fi QoD API exposes network configuration control for devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, on demand. This allows for controlled performance, even if multiple devices are connected to the home network. Movistar has already integrated it into its Gaming on functionality of the Smart WiFi mobile app, allowing users to set a quality of service for the device they are playing online and ensure a better connection.  

Offer premium quality home connectivity to enhance your users' gaming experiences.

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