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The Telefónica Open Gateway APIs and the enhanced entertainment, media and XR experience

Open Gateway's standardised APIs offer increased connectivity control and better image resolution, applying their impact to gaming, event broadcasting or XR telesurgery.

Entertainment, media and XR services demand an optimal user experience and a stable and uninterrupted network connection. In addition, real interaction with users is sought in order to personalise recommendations and focus promotions more effectively.  
Telefónica Open Gateway APIs offer a number of benefits when implementing them. They also help to solve any inconveniences that may arise, whether in cases of lack of connection in video games, taking the broadcasting of sporting events to the next level or ensuring the best quality in operations carried out remotely using XR technology.  
Telefónica has a catalogue of APIs, such as the QoD Mobile API or the QoD WiFi API, to provide full coverage of these needs to achieve an adequate connection and real-time control over the network.  

What benefits do APIs offer to entertainment, media and XR services experiences

Best experiences gaming thanks to network control

The sector of mobile gaming is growing steadily, and the trend among users is to consume more and more of this entertainment format, which requires higher and higher 5G network capacities. In the home, multi-device connection to the same  WiFi network, also complicates the stable and quality connectivity required by online gaming applications.  
The QoD Mobile and QoD WiFi APIs are designed to solve this type of inconvenience, as they facilitate the increase in quality and the improvement of content. All thanks to the control provided by both APIs and the ability to manage and redirect network traffic. This improves the resolution of online gaming for the benefit of users, and allows developers to create rich experiences.   
Experience creators can provide the best network connection for games; no latency and no outages. In addition, they can offer different content, applied to today's technology such as 360º cameras or immersive videos with which to interact.  

Child playing with an electronic tablet.

A new way of experiencing sporting events

The new wave of demand for content, different from what has been done for years, has caused sports broadcasters to look for alternatives. The one that is being explored the most is viewer interaction. Whether through virtual or augmented reality or multi-cameras, the image needs to be as sharp and uncut as possible. It is therefore important that companies offering such services can evolve their offerings towards new higher quality experiences that meet the needs of users.   
In this case, the API QoD  Mobile, together with Carrier Billing y Device Location Verification, are the ones that facilitate this type of development. In the case of the QoD Mobile API, providing that image quality by delivering a stable connection. With the Carrier Billing API, it is possible to implement a secure, fast and simple payment method, avoiding complex processes that cause the user to lose interest or generate distrust. And finally, with the Device Location Verification API it is possible to ensure that, once the payment has been made, the devices on which the content can be enjoyed are the correct ones, as it triangulates the network antennas and compares them with the device's GPS information to see if they match.  

Two friends watching a game on TV.

A stable service for telesurgery and XR operations

In addition to entertainment and media services, the APIs Open Gateway also support operations that require telesurgery or the use of XR instruments. In these cases, some of which are critical, the sharpness and accuracy of the images must be maximised. Such operations, performed remotely, require a stable, low-latency connection, as well as making the most of the network in the case of 3D rendered images.  
The QoD Mobile API meets these needs by maintaining a stable connection and an enriching experience in which, thanks to the development of the network, it is possible to maintain a stable connection in cases of telesurgery as well as evolving the healthcare environment. This allows businesses to expand their portfolio of solutions and boost their offerings for new services in this sector. 

Operation with XR glasses.

Case studies in entertainment, media and XR services

All these solutions are already being applied to real cases and the results are proving to be more than optimal. The close cooperation with partners achieves a great improvement in the services offered.  
In the case of the video games industry, cloud service Blacknut, developed together with Vonage offers its users a complete experience with no cuts or lag . The need for the connection to remain stable at all times is solved by the implementation of the APIs that provide speed, quality and stability to the network.  
Another case in which a similar need was demanded is that of Cinfo, a company specialising in Artificial Intelligence and 5G, among other things. In collaboration with AWS, the QoD API through which to set up live recordings and AI work where it was essential that there were no cuts or drops in image resolution.  
The last of the cases, focused on XR medicine, focuses on Microsoft's HoloLens device in which, by integrating an API, 3D image rendering is enabled. From this union was born the ApoQlar VSI HoloMedicine software, which allows the 3D recreation of patient scans.   



These alliances with other companies from different sectors are driving the Open Gateway initiative beyond the telco world. Telefónica Open Gateway is seeking through its Partner Program, that the companies interested in implementing the APIs in their businesses to boost and improve the products and services they offer.  
In addition to these use cases, Telefónica Open Gateway has other use cases in different sectors, such as finance and insurance or transport and logistics.   
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