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How is e-commerce security reinforced with Telefónica Open Gateway APIs?

Millions of people share their bank details and bank accounts on the Internet every day, and Telefónica Open Gateway APIs strengthen the security of this information.

Every day, millions of people make transactions online, sharing their personal and banking details. In the world of e-commerce, security and a smooth payment experience are key to satisfying users.  


In this context, Telefónica Open Gateway offers advanced solutions to reinforce the security of transactions, and helps to take the shopping experience to another level. In our commitment to ensure maximum security in every transaction, we have developed a set of four APIs. These are not simply technical tools that help to integrate advanced functionalities into digital services, but enhance trust and confidence in e-commerce.  

Telefónica Open Gateway APIs that strengthen e-commerce security and improve user experience

The APIs used to reinforce e-commerce security have different applications, including preventing identity theft, improving conversion rates, increasing the quality of user databases and reducing fraud in retail and distribution. This is achieved through the use of the following APIs. 

Firstly, Know Your Customer - Match API (KYC - Match) is an essential API to strengthen the security and user experience in e-commerce. It facilitates fast validation of contact information, prevents identity fraud and improves the quality of the conversion rate when signing up new users. Moreover, thanks to its standardisation, it allows easy integration compatible with a large part of the telco sector. 
Secondly, the SIM Swap API allows for the rapid detection of SIM card swaps, enhancing security by identifying potential fraudulent activity. This API enforces two-factor authentication (2FA), securing the user's identity. With simplified integration and uniform access to different operators' capabilities, SIM Swap nimbly adjusts security protocols to protect the user from fraud. 
Next, the Number Verification API facilitates automatic verification of the phone number associated with a device. This integration enables secure authentication systems, improving the user experience during registration or login. With uniform access through Unified API Access, it simplifies integration into applications for agile development and a consistent user experience. 
Finally, the Device Location Verification API verifies the geographic location of a given SIM-based device, and ensures that the device is in the area where it has been requested. This solution is an effective way to maintain control of data and anti-fraud functionalities, which improves the business footprint, ensures consistency and offers versatility.  

Telefónica Open Gateway APIs that strengthen e-commerce security and improve user experience.

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